Monday, September 26, 2016

Nintendo Wii

nintendo wiiThe Nintendo is a game that in general view can deliver twice as much fun for anyone and especially all the casual gamers and kids. Those that are hardcore gamers might get disappointed this is so because of its graphics are really not up to the completion that the X-Box 360 and play station 3 have to offer. Also for those that use the big screens of HDTV’s are also affected, nevertheless after a few minutes of the user playing the game, using the revolutionary Nintendo Wii, the user has already forgotten about the graphics.

The Nintendo Wii uses a Wii’s Wi-Fi USB wireless connector other than the one known which has two handed devices. It has a rectangular control that looks and feels like a remote control of TV with it on the inside being built with an array of sensors that are able to transmit and receive from the diminutive Wii base station. While using the controller the game is able to be played by motioning the controller sensor but for any new user, may find this a little bit annoying because they can really a hang of it but as he user continues, then it becomes much easier, enjoyable and fun to play because the user will now be swinging, pointing and playing with the least effort and soon they can prefer the more complex games that use two controllers.

Also the Nintendo Wii has a small speaker that is fitted in the controller that is programmed to deliver specific sounds effects to the user is on twilight princess or in Wii sports. The Wii comes with a 243 MHz graphics chip, a 729 MHz Power PC processor and GDDR3 memory of a capacity of 64mb in addition to an internal memory of 512MB and lastly it is filled with an external DVD drive which is not meant for playing movies and its 50 card slot doesn’t allow the user to back up any game.

The system is very easy to set up with the user configuring the low profile sensor bar correctly then all the other steps are easy to follow. The receiver should be placed on the front base of your T.V set or on top of the TV then a cable should be passed through the base unit then the sensor which works using infrared can connect to the controllers. The Nintendo Wii software set up was a very easy thing to use with the user being able to program the game to his desired like for example the user can determine which aspect ratio best suits them either 4:3 or 16:9 also in addition the user can also configure the audio options. When the screen is not in use and 5 minutes pass without being in use, the screen will dim and after a further 30 minutes and if it is not being used then it will turn off the screen completely. Because the Nintendo keeps on bringing new updates through its Wi-Fi, it is very easy to setup and use the wireless network this is made possible because it has local hubs that can be used to connect to the user’s home hubs.

The Wii has parental controls and the user can lock down the system basing on the ESRB ratings and can restrict games above the level they have locked with a four digit password that limits access to other people. It also has four game cube controllers of the game that are positioned on the top of the system with two memory card slots that can allow saving a game on an already there Nintendo Wii memory card.

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