Saturday, October 1, 2016

Create a Home Theater in Your Living Room

The average house size in the United States is 2,349 square feet, and this number has doubled over the last forty years as the incomes of the citizens have been steadily rising. In addition the excessive spending that some people have gone to so that they can feel as though they are competing with their neighbours has started a branding war of sorts. People are constantly looking to improve upon what they have, and bring new items into their home. For example, you can now create a home theater right in your living room

When you look at any plans you might have, the average family generally feels that after a hard week at school or work, there are very few reasons to continue living an active lifestyle at the weekend. As such, a night or day sitting on the couch with your family watching a movie, or playing the latest computer games sounds divine. You can expand upon this by increasing the size of your television and reducing the thickness, improving the surround sound you have installed, and altering your seating plan to improve the comfort and the aesthetic style of the room will allow you to feel as though you are living the dream of owning your own movie palace.

This entire project requires little more than time and effort invested in planning out a design structure that will embody everything you wish to see in your room. It is very easy to do, and a tape measure and risers are practically all you need by way of instruments to carry out the first part of your task. Working out the space of the room is imperative, as you need to take into account both the active space, and the dynamic levels for acoustics and visual primacy. The placement of the windows and doors will need to be looked at, as does the lighting and wall space where you can watch the screen without the glare of the sun either on the glass or in your face.

Seating in any theater is important. When watching a movie, the only thing that matters is the television screen, and as such the seats should face the screen and be away from any areas that diminish the sound quality emanating from the speakers. If you are seated against a wall, then you run the risk of missing key elements from the movie. Essentially, the bigger the space, the easier it should be to place your seating further away from the back wall.

In addition, your seating should take into consideration the people who usually sit at the back. In many cases you have noticed that the person sitting in front of you is often taller than you, or has larger hair. You might want to utilize this knowledge and either raise the back rows on risers so that they sit higher than those at the front, or make sure that the smallest always get the front recliners when watching a movie.

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