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Audi A4 2010

Audi A4 2010The 2010 line up of Audi’s A4 adds a new innovation- the S4 model with a sedan body type. A4 is offered in two body types- sedan and Avant wagon. Both body types are incorporated with Audi’s Quattro all wheel drive also known as four- wheel drive. Front wheel drive can also be opted for the sedans. The Quattro all wheel drive of the V6 3.2 model has been eliminated from the 2010 line up. The 2.0 T sedan and wagon body type has a horsepower of 211 with a turbocharged 2 litre V4 engine. The 2.0 T model with front wheel drive mode is equipped with the CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission. CVT is similar to the function of the automatic transmission. The Quattro all wheel drive of the 2.0 T model can be opted for a six- speed manual or automatic transmission. The latest S4 model is equipped with the all wheel drive system that contains a horsepower of 333 with a 3 litre six cylinder engine. The S4 is available in a dual clutch transmission with a speed of seven or a manual transmission with a speed of six. Some of S4’s features include wheels 18 inches in rim and exclusive overall car trim.

Protection gears include the antilock brake system, traction control, stability control, Brake assist, and airbags in the front, side, and curtain portion. Additional car equipment compromises of the navigation system, Drive Select system which tolerate changes in controlling the settings of the vehicle’s suspension and steering, keyless entry, wireless mobile phone linkage, rear view camera, and blind sport alert system.

Ride quality in A4 models is smooth even with uneven surfaces but the S4 model experiences a rigid ride due to its tires and sports suspension. Steering, handling, and braking function of the A4 models are balanced.

The 2.0 T sedans with all wheel drive mode runs an average mpg of 22.5 to 25.8. The S4 model runs an average mpg of 17.7. A premium type of fuel is used for car to function.

The athletic ambience of the S4 model is impressive along with sophisticated design and high quality materials. Interior of A4 models has a refined look. The seats are restful with enough room for the legs and head of the passengers. The cargo area of the sedan models are expanded and elongated.

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The S4 package of the A4 line up is definitely a suggested vehicle with economical fuel consumption. Other models of the A4 are also appropriate when it comes to value.

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